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Vintage Vibes: Frida Kahlo's Go-To Brow Pencil Has Been Revealed & You Can Now Get Her Look!

By Chhavi Porwal

I would be lying if I say I’m not fascinated rather obsessed with the retro look of icons like Madhubala, Frida Kahlo, Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy. The truth is that there’s nothing as charming as vintage beauty. Just like Marilyn Monroe’s red lipstick, Frida Kahlo’s full unibrow look was an iconic beauty moment. If someone told me, I could know what products Kahlo used to maintain her vintage brows, I would be intrigued!   

The iconic artist’s brows have been used as a reference for anyone with dark monobrow above their eyes and yet there wasn’t much information available about her grooming habits. Perhaps because Kahlo’s belongings were tucked away in Mexico City for half a century but not anymore.


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According to The Guardian, Victoria & Albert Museum is opening its show on the late artist and activist in London this summer. With this show, visitors will be able to see more than 200 of Kahlo’s personal items, which includes her clothing, jewellery, prosthetic leg and the exact pencil she used to fill in her popular unibrow. Get ready to know the brand you’ll probably be buying more often now!

Kahlo, like many famous women, fancied Revlon make-up. From the brand, Kahlo’s gently-used blush, lipstick in her favourite shade, “Everything's Rosy,” nail file, and ebony eyebrow pencil will be on display in its original packaging. These products are not around today but you can always find the closest match, Revlon's Soft Brown ColorStay Pencil.

The pencil symbolises more than just a cosmetic item. It’s one tool that Kahlo used to be the woman that she wanted to be. Claire Wilcox, the exhibition's co-curator, told the publication, “This is the real material evidence of the way Kahlo constructed her identity.” In the times when female empowerment is the top priority, Kahlo’s beauty belongings are priceless.


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Get ready to Kahlo-it-up!

Featured Image: Frida Kahlo on Instagram

Mar 13, 2018