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Busted! Whoever Said Black & Navy Don't Go Together Needs To See This!

By Sayunkta Jain

Black and navy blue. Hmm, where have we seen this combination before? In nail art tutorials, in paintings of outer space, on Deepika Padukone in Badtameez Dil. But can black and navy blue be worn together in one outfit? You might have heard all kinds of things like:

  1. Two shades as dark as black and navy blue don’t compliment each other.

  2. They blend in so well that sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between the two colours.

  3. Sometimes the ensemble is too intense to look at.

Well, these Bollywood celebrities beg to differ. Here are six ways (along with an add-on tip) in which you can and should break the myth. There’s a new rule in town - wear black and navy blue together - just like them.

1. Athiya Shetty


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Black high-waisted culottes and a black bandeau topped with a navy blue mesh peplum - there may be a trend overload here, but nothing that you can’t pull off. Athiya shows us a cool new way to wear coordinate sets to parties.

#POPxoTip: Add a blingy sling bag to break the monotony.

2. Shraddha Kapoor


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Gone are the days of wearing a slip under mesh dresses. The dress-over-pants style is one of 2017’s most celebrated trend as seen on Bollywood celebrities and bloggers. We love how Shraddha chose black and navy blue as her muse to nail the trend.

#POPxoTip: Cinch a belt with a big buckle around. And a little bit of embroidery never hurt anyone.

3. Kriti Sanon


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Apart from an off-shoulder sleeve pattern and a ruffle-layered hemline, Kriti took the #OOTN game to the next level by having two shades as dark as black and navy blue together in one evening gown.

#POPxoTip: Splurge on jewellery to bring out the look.

4. Vaani Kapoor


A post shared by Ami Patel (@stylebyami) on

You see how easy it is to wear black and navy blue together in one outfit? Ditch your kurta for a navy blue shirt and take your black palazzos from desi to videsi. Smokey eyes, middle hair-parting and tinted lips are all you need to get recreate your office look Vaani style.

#POPxoTip: Metallic nails FTW!

5. Shilpa Shetty


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Shilpa here shows that this cosmic play of the two dark worlds is not just restricted to western wear. Whether it’s tripes, floral motifs or block printing, add a pattern of your choice to your fusion outfit this shaadi season.

#POPxoTip: The right shoes can make all the difference.

6. Parineeti Chopra


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The giant golden hoops maybe stealing the thunder from Parineeti’s outfit, but that’s okay too. The question is, can black and navy blue be paired together? Point made! Go big on accessories with solid colours and you’re good to go.

#POPxoTip: Statement earrings (to begin with.)

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Mar 13, 2018